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University of Ottawa
German Language and Culture

IntroductionHello fellow University of Ottawa Students If you are interested in taking ALG 2902 you definitely should its a great course and Irmtraut Esleben and Spaska are all great teachers no matter who you have The material bellow is from Jorgs in class notes This is what you should expect every class if you want to be with him He makes these avaible online not only for his only class but sometimes the other geman classes that are running at the same time The only part that I have added to this is all the conjugation of all the German verbs you are supposed to learn their conjugation for in present prtaritum past perfekt and their meaning in English Viel GluckALG2902 Wintersemester 2013OverheadsSektion ATage Zeiten Rume Montags 10001120 Morriset 015 Mittwochs 830950 Morriset 01510001050 Morriset 252Professor Jrg EslebenTelefon 6135625800 x2549Email jeslebenuottawacaBro Arts 248Sprechstunde Mittwochs 15001600 und nach Vereinbarung Titel der regionalen Lernkrimis 3 Kursteilnehmer fr jeden KrimiDer Schtzenknig vom Chiemsee Region BayernKalt erwischt in HamburgDas Herz von DresdenHeisse Spur in MnchenGefhrliches Spiel in Essen Region RuhrgebietDie Lerche aus LeipzigDas Auge vom BodenseeDie Loreley lebt Region Oberrhein nur 2 Exemplare vorhanden
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