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thMarch 19 2012Canada during the First World WarWartime Canada through Primary Sources 19141917Recruitment PostersoWhy are we fightingoWhat characteristics describe those who enlistoWho am I being loyal to if I enlistoWho am I being disloyal to if I dontGo Its you duty lad Join TodayMontreal Recruitment poster all the real men are signing upFor the King for the country for France liberty and humanityAllied flags Belgium France and the UK our country and our Humanity dont forget the traditions that make the glory and pride of our raceHelp the victory of the French crush the German eagleDont wait for the Huns to come for the blood of Canada be men dont stay behindAre you waiting for the people to burn Picture is of Notre Dame in FranceNew names in Canadian history more coming will you be thereMen wanted at once to reinforce the HighlandersBe one of the Irish Canadian RangersArtillery Heroes at the front say get into a mans uniformBritons and Canadians living in the states Britains and Canadians in the US carry your flag along the stars and stripesYour chums are fighting why arent you reinforcementSend more menreinforcementoPlaying off of heritage trying to get you to support your own community and sign up with your own friends great example of this is the Irish ad the loyalty is to other Irish that have gone before
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