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April 3 2012USSR was not involved in the OPEC problem because they had their own oil but even with this the economy and life was notgreat During dtente it meant no more arms being produced so money should go towards social programs but the USSR had no money to put into the country Life was daytoday and there was not a lot of social life Soviet leadership instability Brezhnev 1982 basically ignored domestic problems he is succeeded by Andropov 198284 who leads for 15 months he recognized the stagnation in USSR and tries to clamp down on inefficiencies dismisses ministers and first secretaries in Soviet republics it was basically ineffective because of his short time in power and Ronald Reagan renewed plans for escalating arms race he is succeeded by Chernenko 19841985 who doesnt really do anything he is succeeded by Gorbachev Afghanistan 19781979 Afghanistan in instable in 1970s may 1978 a man Taraki assassinated the regime leader and makes it the democratic republic of Afghanistan and makes it communist He tries to reform the social structure they are not traditional with Islamist beliefs and the resisters are named the Mujahideen or soldiers of god and although unorganized try to take down Tarakis government Taraki is also threatened by his Prime Minister Ahmin and is then assassinated by him in 1979 Ahmin wants to be independent of the USSR and wants to be more west In 1979 USSR sends forces into Afghanistan to stop ahmin and to stabilize the communist regime The soviets kill ahmin and replace him with a puppet leader Soviet invasion means the end of dtente and the US warns that if they move any closer to Iran or Pakistan there will be nuclear reactions the US also spends more militarily The US starts to fund and train the Mujahideen in Afghanistan and in Pakist
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