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HIS 1111thJanuary 12 2012The End of the Second World WarMunich conference Soviets were not invited Stalin thinks West is weakHe signs a nonaggression pact with Hitler agrees to divide PolandGermany attacks France and Britain declare warStalintakes over after Lenins death by eliminating his rivals1He industrialized the USSR at tremendous cost2Centralized the state to function through his will3Made the USSR selfsufficient and a superpower and industrialized using a five year plan and harsh methodsSignificant conferencesYalta conference to discuss the reorganization of Europe postwar war isnt over yetRoosevelt wanted to secure Soviet aid in fighting against JapanChurchill wanted to try to establish free elections and democracy in Eastern EuropeStalin wanted to establish a Soviet sphere of influence in Eastern EuropeOther issues1Roosevelt wanted a guarantee of Soviet involvement in the soon to be created UN2Soviets wanted to maintain control of Eastern Poland3Soviets pledged to allow free elections in PolandGerman issue1The unconditional surrender of Germany and its postwar dismemberment wanted four separate zones of control in Germany French Britain US USSR2Germany would undergo demilitarization and denazification getting rid of antisemitism and other longheld beliefs3Polandagreement was reached regarding reorganization of the government Poland was moved WestSecond Conference Potsdam August 1945Churchill Truman and StalinMain points 1Demilitarization of Germany2Denazification of Germany3Democratization of Germany4Decentralization of Germany5Decartelization of Germany industries that come together to control the industryOverall goal of creating a peaceful GermanySecond point agree that Germany will be divided into four zonesThird legal ramifications Nuremberg trialsFourth undoing all German annexationsFifth expulsion of German populations from territories that lay beyond Germanypeople ended up persecuting GermansSixth War reparations insisted mostly upon by the SovietsSeventh dismantling of German war potential shipyards airplane factoriesEighth in Poland the provisional government of national unity takes over recognized by all the powers de facto acknowledgement of Soviet control as it was a communist regimePoland also receives control of East PrussiaConference brings two things to light Western scepticism of Stalins motivesTalk of the bombThe HolocaustNot limited to Jewsalso homosexuals and Gypsies now RomathHolocaust is not an anomaly on the global stage it is from the 19 century social Darwinism eugenics Alberta had sterilization campaigns into the 1960sThe Atomic BombRobert Oppenheimer developed itBomb was dropped for two reasons1Domestic pressure citizens did not want to lose more American lives2The Japanese were starting to make overtures of surrendering to the Soviets hoping they would be more merciful3Detonation was possibly done to show off US military power to the Soviets125000 died immediately in the two cities doubled by the end of 1945Japan was rebuilt by the US and it became an economic miracleWho won the WarThe question is meaningless1Intense rivalries and mistrust create the beginning of Cold War between US and USSR exacerbated by the Atomic Bomb detonation2Germany is demilitarized and becomes a country that pursues nonaggressive foreign policies becomes a key player in European integration and a key battleground of the Cold War3Europe is divided along EastWest lines Germany becoming a key site of Cold War and ideological contestation4Ideas of the nation state and nationalism continue to evolve and adapt to scenarios on the ground eg Europes surviving Jewish population seek their own solutions to the Holocaust5Japan becomes a key US pawnally allowing the US to maintain a presence in East Asia Japan serves as an example of postwar success6Holocaust sets the precedent for crimes against humanitythJanuary 17 2012Map quizworld map match cities and countriesLook through the syllabus at which areas we coverTearing Down and Building a New Europe Pt 1
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