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Office Hours TA Benoit L Monday 130230 DMS 9128Daniel S Wed 13001400 DMS thth is midterm NOVEMBER 19 is essay due9128OCTOBER 18st21 century End of isms after fall of communism Dont have as much ideology Going towards global network and super states like 1993 formation of EU Something national states are out of date Fundamentalists are fighting against this globalization they want to go back to the regions values and stop losing important values while going out in the world Globilizationists think the fundamentalist are the new enemy from Communism Huntington thought we were moving toward global conflict with Islam and then China the west needs to come together in a global union to fight China India and Islam that all have demographic explosion Technological revolution is recent and it is being used to grow globalizations stcause Fear of environmental damage is coming to forefront of 21 century problems along
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