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French were the ones to push Morocco issue not Germany Second Crisis before WW1 was in the Balkans 1389 Turks captured Kosovo Germany allied to Turkey and have railroad through Balkans into Baghdad Germany thought it should have more influence in the Balkans then the RussiansBritish and France saw Germany driving to the east British always fearing of India and think Germany might try to move east all the way to IndiaGermans want preferential tariffs with Ottomans Britain worried about German competition for influence in Ottomans Now Britain and Russia see a common interest in stopping Germany moving eastBalkans come into picture Who will have influence Russia or Germany with Austrian alliesThe Serbs in particular race is Slavic have more in common in with Russians Both believe in Orthodox Christianity Most of Balkans are also Slavs and orthodox Christians They looked to Russia since it was the most powerful orthodox country However further north provinces like Slovenia and Croatia were also Slavic but they did not become independent and they are Catholic and under Austrian Empire1878 war between Russia and Turkey it was decided that province of BosniaHerzegovina were Sarajevo is would be administered by Austria at Congress of Berlin Austrians were to only be defacto rulers Austria would run country but not the dejure rulers that remains with Turkey symbolicIn 1908Austria annexes BosniaHerzegovina and tells Turkey they are running it dejure to and Turkey no longer has any claim to the territory in compensation Austria
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