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University of Ottawa

HIS1110BReview SheetThomas BoogaartWinter 2012Preliminary VersionDATE13042012TIME 14001600VENUE GYM E MONT PETITTIME120 minutesI Purpose of this Sheet This is a comprehensive review sheetAny and all questions you may have pertaining to the final exam should be found hereAdditionally all exam questions are drawn from hereThat means that those mastering these questions should ensure themselves a high mark on the examII Return of papersExams The essays will be returned either Friday the last day of class or during the final examIn either event all your essays scores will be posted on the grade sheet on the website two days before the final examAdditionally your final marks will be posted on the website by student number about ten days after the final examExams will be kept for six months III Rules during the Examination1There are no make up exams and people misreading the examination schedule or arriving late will receive an incompleteUniversity rules pertaining to missed exams will be posted in the review folder2For identification purposes students must present their student cardFailure to do so will result in an incomplete3Teaching staff cannot help students think through questionsIn the case where English is a second language a cognate may be supplied to help a student decipher the question 4Students who arrive later than fifteen minutes after the distribution of examination questionnaires will not be admitted into the examination roomOn the other hand no student will be allowed to leave the room until one hour after the beginning of the examinationUnder exceptional circumstances you may be allowed to visit the bathroom if a monitor is available up until the last half hour of the exam5No electronic devices are permitted in the examination roomIf you have a cell phone Ipod or other device turn it off and secure it in a bag6No dictionaries are allowed for the exam7You must initial the formal attendance sheet upon entering the examination hallAfter turning in your exam you must sign the sheet in full8As you sign in consult the seating chartAll the desks are identified by number and you must sit in your assigned sheet and have your identification card visible9When you receive your scantron sheet make sure that you label it properlyYour last name must be written out in full and the appropriate ovals filled inYou must also supply your student number
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