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thHIS1110 Lecture 8 October 4 2012The War at SeaBlockadeingress no one allowed to break through to get to their German territory egress no one allowed to get out of the blockadeThe War on Land 19171918The War might have ended in 1916 in a stalemate and possibly a compromise peaceAllied mastery on the sea largely nullified the success of central power on landAll the belligerents had come to realize that a decisive victory was needed but that a decisive victory meant a disproportionate slaughter and tons of expenses thDecember 12 1916 Germans proposed discussing peace but the Allies refused Allies described German proposal as empty and insincere President Wilson suggested to both sidesan interchange of views to clear out the difficulties Pope Benedict XV elected in September 1914January 1922 described the situation in Europe as the suicide of civilized Europe He tried in 1916 and 1917 to mediate between the two parties but both sides rejected his initiativeGerman Protestants called it a papal peace An insult to usThe French George Clemenceau said the popes initiative is antiFrenchPope continued his efforts in humanitarian termsattending to prisoners exchange of wounded people bring food deliveriesShows an attempt to end the warAllies wanted from the Germans a definition of their objectives such as restoration of the independence of Belgium Serbia Montenegro evacuation of territories invaded in France Russia and Romania liberate the Italians from Austrian rule liberate the Slavs in the Balkans from Austria and set free the populations subject to the bloody tyranny of the Turksin exchange for peace Basically destroy Austrian empire and Ottoman empireAllies also demanded compensation and indemnity for the losses they incurred and guarantees for the future of peace in EuropeUnacceptable to Germans since Allies were dictating terms for surrender
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