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HIS 1110 October 6 2011WAR AT SEA continuedThe German govt bc of US protests changed procedures in sinking civilian shipsJan 1917 German govt announced a policy of unrestricted warfare that they would sink anyone coming near the British islesThis new German policy brings the US into the war which had been neutral until thenMay 31 1916 Battle of Jutland both the central powers and the allies claimed victory so it was a stalemateMediterranean 1915 attempt to break into straits of DardanellescaucasusArmenians Lived partly in Russia and partly in Turkey Armenians helped the Russians in WW1 as a result in 1915 15 million Armenians were massacred Considered the 1st genocide of the 20th centuryWAR ON LAND 19171918War might have ended in 1916 in a generous stalemate and possibly a compromised peace could have been signed Allied mastery on the sea nullified the successes won by the central powers on land The belligerents had come to realize that a continuance could become disproportionateslaughter and have numerous expensesDec 12 Germans come up with a proposal for peace but the allies refuse saying the German proposal was empty and insincerePresident Wilson was sort of a mediator between the powers and wanted to have a conference in order to let the states discuss their views The Germans responded by saying that they had already suggested discussing peace The allies responded with a general but not entirely frank definition of their objectives For example the allies were saying yes we will talk provided the germans will restore the independence of Belgium Serbia Montenegro wanted the germans evacuate all the territories they invaded in France Russia and Romania The allies wanted the liberation of the Italian part of the Hapsburg empire the Slavs and others from the AustroHungarian domination They wanted the bloody tyranny of the turks to be free The allies demanded compensation for damages and guarantees for the future peace of EuropeWhat became clear was that only a definite defeat could bring the central powers to accept such terms In other words surrenderIn addition to all of that the allies insisted that Germany and AustriaHungary were exclusively responsible for the war All hopes for peace were destroyed This condemned Europe to 2 more years of war The allies had planned to make 1917 a year of success by attacking the central powers on all sides The allies felt 1917 should be a decisive year Their hopes were betrayed through the
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