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C.Britain and France went at Imperialism and Colonialism differently.docx

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Britain and France went at Imperialism and Colonialism differently France took over Algeria in1830 and for all intense and purposes Algeria was considered a part of France itself andAlgerians served in Frances Congress France also took over Tunisia but did not make it a colony like Algeria but made it a protectorate so Tunisias ruler still had power but it was limited France then takes Morocco as a protectorate king is semisovereign in 1912 These territories were close to France 1860s France takes Indochina under Napoleon III France was competing with Britain for land and trade France had fixed diplomacy not open diplomacy like Britain France had fixed diplomacy because they had to worry about Germany on their border which took French territory in 1871 France then became preoccupied with Germany and allied themselves with anyone who was against Germany when Britain had no limits on who it is allied with France wanted natural borders like Britain had France had Atlantic on west mountains and Mediterranean seain south and south east there only weakness was in north east and they wanted border at Rhine for better defenceItaly had mobile diplomacy They looked at who was the strongest Britain sided with weakest and they sided with the power that was strong so they could advance their position Italy tried to gain territories and got Eritrea and Italian Somiland 1911 Libya but failed in 1896 to get Ethiopia do it in 1936Germany 1871 became a state and wanted to get territories quickly to seem like a real power it was Worried about French and Russia and that they might ally against Germany to fight on two fronts They adopted the Warrior diplomacy they felt on the defensive all the timeGermany had catholic and Protestant division
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