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HIS1110 October 3 2011France mobilization in France had been going quietly forward since July 30thThe German govt demanded a statement of policy from France no clear answer was obtainedAugust 1 Germany declared war on RussiaAugust 3 Germany declared war on France because they had received an ambivalent answerSir Edward Grey responsible for British military policy Felt that there was a gentlemans agreement with France that they would defend the Atlantic and France would defend the mediterranean Felt that they had to support France in the war waged against them Most people felt that it was not Britains warGermany had sent a demand to Belgium asking if they could go through to attack the northern part of France August 4 Germany is in a sense sending an ultimatum to BelgiumBelgium was neutralized would not enter any war with any countryBritain warned Germany to respect Belgiums neutrality and Germany did not reply In fact when the German ambassador was confronted he said youd like to go to war for a scrap of paperpacta sunt servanda pacts are bindingGermany and Britain go to war 9Britain declares warAustria Ru
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