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The Chinese Civil War and the Japanese Economic Recovery.docx

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The Chinese Civil War and the Japanese Economic RecoveryThe Chinese Civil War19271950 Chinese Communist Party and the NationalistsMaoism communism that is more rural based1921 with Soviet support CCP collaborated with Chinese National Party Kuomintang KMTKMT created when the collapse of imperial China 19121927 KMT leader in chargeThe Long March 19341935 CCP members go on a trek to avoid being captured by KMTInterrupted by the Japanese 1937 SinoJapanese War take control of parts of Eastern ChinaInternal and external conflict12 million party members CCP 1945 outreach programs est control in countryside KMT faced a lot of problems conscription not popular raise taxes to fun the WarSoviets were allys both against JapanStalin feared a Jap invasion on the East desperate to make an alliance CCP also pressured KMT not to antagonize the CCPPost War period 1945Defeat of Japan 1945 leaves a power vacuum in AsiaSoviet Red Army move into Manchuria take factories and bring
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