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University of Ottawa

Post 1945 World History Welfare January 31 2011Origins of the Welfare StateAfter ww2 there was a prevailing mood for reforming the economy and governmentBelieved that capitalism had failed great depressionShadow of the great depression1Crisis of LaissezFaire Capitalism2Experience with State intervention3Lack of housingno housing construction for two generations very crowded4Pentup demand for consumer goods Rationing was common powdered milk5Dissatisfaction with democracyno confidence in the system with all the troubles open to changing the system World War 2s impact 19411945Drain of total war Sacrifices of ordinary peoplelots of sacrifice Loosening of social roles and traditional moreswomen working men in England everything changedPrewar Experiments with Welfare1FDRs new deal 1933employ everyone very much liked by the people2The Beveridge Report 1942shows the revolutionary spirit present in Britain Beveridge examined and questioned why different people were receiving different societal benefits Preached for a unified universal system of support Many people read the report and agreed with the ideas stated 3State managed war economiesgovernment controlled economy ford built tanks etc4Russian state socialismpeople viewed the Russian system as successful industrializing 5Churchills Ouster 1945 expected an easy victory although lost to the labour partyWestern European Welfare ModelsWestern European welfare state in its various manifestations represented a middle path between two extremes
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