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Week 8The Palestinian Question 1967 PresentThe Six Days War 1967 and the OccupationAs wars go it wasnt much of a fight but the Six Days War was arguably the most decisive conflict of modern Middle Eastern history reshaping the region in many ways and seeding many the conflicts that still afflict the world todayNasser started to threaten the Israelis and they believed him bc he had soviet support In a sense neither Nasser nor the Israelis wanted or needed a confrontationoNasser was bitter because of the Jewish invasion of the Sinai in 1956He also resented their continued incursions onto his territory as Israeli raids struck out at refugee camps that harbored terroristsoIn retaliation Nasser closed the Gulf of Aquba to the JewsHe also started rattling his saber threatening the Jewish state with his Soviet reconditioned armyoWhether provoked or not the Israelis struck firstThey carried out a carefully planned offensive to brilliant success By destroying the Egyptian air force they sealed their victorystain on honour had been fuel to Arab unease Outcomes of the six days war oBeginning of Israeli Military Dominance Established oOccupation of Arab LandsArabs did not want to negotiate oBeginning of Jewish Settlementsmoved Jewish refugees into occupied land so that the Palestinians could recognize the Jewish state This was against a UN document and they berried it oThe 1967 war had several consequencesFirst many of the refugees of 1948 were now in Israeli handsThey and their countrymen in the occupied territories now became subject to draconian military ruleSecond the Jews began to settle the conquered territoryMost of the settlers were foreigners Jews brought in from abroad or religious Zionists intent on restoring Biblical JudeaThe occupation of Palestine and the illegal settlements remain the enduring problem that haunts the future of both peoples Israeli Interest in the Occupied TerritoriesoIn 1967 the first Jewish Zionist community moved into the Hebron areaThe flow of Jews into the Occupied Territories at first just a trickle has steadily acceleratedFrom the very beginning the Israeli government has not only sanctioned this but also actively promoted it by providing security and subsidies for construction oTheodor Meron an eminent Jewish scholar of international law provided a brief to the Israeli Foreign Ministry stating that my conclusion is that civilian settlement in the administered territories contravenes the explicit provisions of the Fourth Geneva Convention This opinion was shelved and has only recently come to light
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