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Week 13Sustainability and development What is your footprint Measure individual cost ecologically Across the globe dead zones have emerged in the oceans that once seeded planetary lifeThe largest resides deep in the Pacific in the form of a floating island of garbage a hundred miles wideThis is the amazing product of a global consumer throw away economyThis raises the question how are global environmental challenges related to Canada and the Canadian way of lifeThe Human Footprint in Historical Perspective The contemporary sustainability crisis is a symptom and close analogue to something unprecedented in human history the advent of a global civilization powered by petrochemicals dependent upon technology linked through global trade and focused on consumptionProfile of Canadian WasteoWe live in a throwawaysociety of paper cups packaged burgers and processed food The average North American consumes 3 litres of oil per day just in their food DEVELOPMENT OF THE AMAZON EXAM QUESTION Fate of the Forest Generals Blueprint Development of the AmazonAmazonia A Rainforest Apocalypse oDuring the 1960s Brazils junta assumed power and imposed martial law in order to forestall mounting popular resistance to elite privileges and demands for land reformThis was a political transformation that played out throughout Latin America as ISI created growth and wealth for a few but failed to meet the demands and needs of ordinary peopleoAmazon Economy was not suited for agriculture But they still created projects to cultivate the rainforestsBrazil has a long history of financing massive poorly conceived development projects The Calha Norte development encompasses 10 of Brazil the worlds third largest countryPerverse Incentives oThe various Amazon development plans are in general representative of what economists call a market failure or disjunctionA resource base is rapidly degraded because the government provides perverse incentives that create the potential for quick profits to pursue policies which absent state stimulus the activity would not be economically viableoCreating a culture of capitalism instead of improving the culture that they already had Deforestation and HighwaysFor the most part conservation efforts since 1970 have not slowed the rates of deforestationThe Timber Folly
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