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Week 11Faces of Globalization Although we are all connected we are not equal When it comes to something as vast and abstract as globalization we have difficulty bringing it into focusGlobalization has many faces in other words it has shaped the lives and aspirations of people throughout the world in multiple complex waysTherefore to appreciate globalization we need to immerse ourselves in different concrete biographies the struggles of poor people and multiple stages to appreciate globalizations far flung effectsWinners and Losers of GlobalizationPostindustrial Poles oThe globalization of production has precipitated a rapid gutting among the once proud capitals of manufacturing in the developed world leaving depopulated ghost towns and scarred landscapes in their wakeoSee both decay and growthmovement of wealth from old cities to new ones oEx Detroit and Oshawa Beneficiaries of GlobalizationoChange brings winners and losers and the beneficiaries of globalization are predominantly urban centers at the heart of new industries of prosperityTheir wealth is written into their towering neon landscapesoEx Dubai and Beijing Losers Union Workers in the developed worldopostindustrial societyoPostindustrialism A concept that refers to how the economy and social relations have changed in developed countries with the postfordist transition from manufacturing to service industriesoA society that is now not entitled to the American Dream Losers Third World FarmersoMany in the South have complained that free trade is not fair tradeIMF structural adjustment mechanisms imposed to pay back loans to western banks have cut traditional barriers that protected third world farmersThroughout the globe there is a repeating story with farmers rapidly bankrupted by dumping spurred by subsidized Western industrial agriculture following a strategic price hike once the local competition has been eliminatedoCommercialization of agriculture whipped them outcaught in a trap Winner DubaioAs life is sucked out from Detroit its former wealth ends up in far distant places like Dubai where the worlds largest indoor down hill skiing complex has sprung up from the desert floor while new ocean front property is built up from the wavesMoney and human ingenuity have triumphed over the order God saw fit to render upon the Earth
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