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ndHIS1120Thomas Boogart2 semester20122013thJanuary 14 The Protestant Reformation 15001564Precursor movements not only about religion about controlling states powerHus was apprehended and burned Imitatio Christi movement EucharistLuther is just one in a long series of movements and reformersProblems inside the Catholic ChurchWorldly church more concerned about political things rather than being concerned with their flock getting to heaven is more concerned with their own desires sexual gratificationChurch offices were valued because they provided revenue and incomeGoing to church wasnt a very fulfilling religious experienceceremonySearched for other ways to get their spiritual needs met brothers their own saints chapelsSearched for spiritual reflectionNobles could now read werent just soldiersPrinting press meant people had access to ideasPrinting press vs velocity of ideas ex luthers 95 thesesChurch was losing power to new classes ex merchantsMonarchs tried to reassert their authorityIgnition event Luthers 95 theses what were his intent and what were the consequencesMartin Luther 1483 sincerely wracked by guilt and concern for his mortal soulFatherwanted him to become a lawyer he resisted his fathers dreamsAugustinian monk stayed in his cellSo concerned about his sins guilt forced him outBecame professor of theology plus languages etcHistorians said luther is cynical neurotic etc1517 The Indulgence ControversyAn indulgence A remission for your sin in return for a pious act in this case a monetary contribution to build St Pauls BasilicaMake a genuine repentance church lessens your burdenTetzel supports the churchs practice of seeking indulgence from the poor95 thesesWhat specifically does Luther object toWho does Luther hold accountable What does Luther urge be doneTurning point 1519 The Leipzig DebateLuther the PropagandistThe diet of worms summoned before the Holy Roman Emperor under an edict of safe passage Luther offers a defense of his beliefs before a tribunal His words of defiance will inspire many sympathetic Germans chaffing at the weight of Church privileges and taxesAugsburg confession 1530 Charles V seeks to calm the Lutheran revolt that has gestated inside his German possessions Sola Scriptura scripture or Sola Fide faith
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