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September 15th 2010THIS IS A KEY LECTURENew ImperialismththOld imperialism took place in the 17 and 18 century with Britain playing a big role1763 Britain acquires all of CanadaA few years later they lost 13 of their colonies in N America which became the USA1776 USA revolted eventually became independent1770 Captain Cook visits AustraliaA place of banishment used by the British at first1900 Britain turned it into a commonwealth the second largestLater they acquired New Zealand which in 1907 became a dominionAustralia and New Zealand adopted rigid immigration policies based on people of European ancestry Immigrants from non European areas were not welcome making these areas exclusively whiteIndia 18571947First governed by the East India Company which is how the British indirectly governed the areaThere was a rebellion in 1857 causing Britain to interveneThere was a state of illiteracy in India1900 Britain adopts a representative assemblyIndia was the most precious of provinces ruled by the British Empiremany resources 400 million people who provided cheap labour Therefore Britain was benefiting greatly from IndiaNationalists in India started to react to Britains involvement in IndiaBy 1947 India finally became independent1899 Britain took over Boer Republic South AfricaOther territories acquired by Britain Uganda Kenya Cyprus Falkland IslandsHow did Britain shape its policyThreefold approach to the policy
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