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University of Ottawa
Dinah Jansen

th Bread Riot: February 24 in Petrograd. Women from Putilov factory are locked out, they take to the streets to complain against the high cost of bread, a day later general strike. People want food, and don’t want to wait in line for ages to get jack shit. Army is called out, eventually start shooting the crowd, soldiers join the protesters. Chaos begins. Tsar abdicates. Power transfers to new provisional government. Rasputin: Since Tsar Nicholas II was off at the front, he left power with his wife who was seen to be influenced a lot by Rasputin. Lots of rumours about them, that they have sex etc. People thought he was secretly the one in control of decisions. Was used to discredit the power and prestige of the monarchy. Provisional Government: Set up after the February Revolution and the Tsar’s abdication by the Duma. Transfer of power clean, and non-violent, accepted by majority. To rule until a Constituent Assembly was called. Controlled by elites (bourgeois etc). Petrograd Soviet: Power emerged in two bodies after the February Revolution. This was the popular side of government, workers council. It was a collection of socialists to limit the power of the Provisional Government. Elected by Petrograd workers only. Dual Power: Power split between the Provisional Government and the Petrograd Soviet after the February Revolution. Tensions high, class divisions between them. P.Govt had official power, but Soviet had real power. After Order 1, the Soviet had control of the army. P.Govt only has power as long the Soviet ok’d their policies. Both governments shifted to extremes further separating themselves. April Theses: After Lenin’s return to Russia he proclaimed his April Theses (Pamphlet). The main parts of it were - No support for p.govt - End of war
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