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Ren Zhijun

1392 Yi SongGye establishes new dynasty1543 First private academy founded KoreaSeptember 1598 Hideyoshi diesDecember 1598 Battle of Noryang Straits Yi Sunsin dies1600 Battle of Sekigahara1601 Nurhaci creates Eight Banners System1609 Korea and Tsushima concluded a formal agreement JapaneseKorean relations were restored 1618 Nurhaci begins initial invasion of Ming1627 First Manchu invasion of Korea1631 Abahai sets up Six Boards1635 Laws Governing the Military House Japan1636 Second Manchu invasion of Korea1636 Abahai announces Qing1639 Japan adopted a policy of strictly limited contact with the outside worldSakoku Lock the Country1643 Abahai dies son FuLin reign title Shunzhi succeeded him under the regency of Jirgalang and Dorgan June 6 1644 Qing forces enter BeijingOctober 1644 Qing moves capital from Mukden to Beijing1667 Kangxi assumes rule at age 1316731681 Suppression of Three Feudatories1729 Yongzheng creates Grand Councilor1793 The Earl of Macartney was sent on a mission to the court of Qianlong1806 Following the increased contacts with the Western powers a shogun
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