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Christian Champion

HIS 2363 exam review!!! Please find below five essay questions encompassing the entire period 1867-1939. Three of these will be on the exam and you will be asked to choose one and answer it as fully and clearly as possible. Note that this represents only the second half of the exam, as stated in the syllabus. 1. "Canada and Newfoundland's policies toward the external world were dictated by the British government between 1867 and 1939." True or false? 2. Describe and explain the struggle for regional and provincial rights in Canada (include Newfoundland). What were the problems and why were they so persistent? 3. To what extent did "Canada" and "Canadians" mean a new nationality after 1867, and to what extent did they represent a kind of sub-imperialism? Who were the contributors to these ideas? Which issues and events brought these ideas to the fore? 4. Explain the progress of women's rights from 1867 to 1939. What means did women have to express their ideas? What did the Persons Case really hinge upon? 5. Immigration and minorities transformed Canada between 1867 and 1939. Discuss. 6. Describe and explain the influence of the farmer and labor movements between 1867 and 1939. (Must know 4 really well) War paintings (1 of them) Artist’s surname, title, date 4 paintings on the senate websites You should know: nd st th All of material in 2 half of 1 world war (since lecture of Oct. 28 ) and relevant readings that go with them Ability to answer in short paragraph form Is Canada automatically at war? What does it mean that Canada is at war Status of being at war as a member of BE and the status opportunity Level of participation to be determined by Canadian gov’t Question of Canadianism: Ross rifle McAdams’shovel Cardboard boots “Sham shoes” Whole notion that Sir Sam Hughes had a superior fighting ability 1 half of war: officers promoted based not on ability but on their connections British officers discouraged this British wanted to promote competent Canadians to a higher rank NOT CANADIANS Bing was commander of Canadian corps in the battle of Vimy ridge Currie Post-war period Politicians with conscription: to join the union gov’t or not? Join forces with borden?? Short paragraph: Laurier’s dilemma/choice Options he faced Borden not seen as having a choice… Farmer and Labor movements 1 female MP elected 1 provincial elective represented Old age pensions come about from their influence in parliament… How ideas that they promoted for many years were adopted by the main-stream parties and were used in their agenda later on 1920s so-called nationalist movements and discussion groups: What good came of them? Efforts to create art, institutions, nation building exercises?? Seldom take into account biggest flaw of all this: Social gosepel: allied to the old Methodism that Not as obscure as it seems to those who have given up s. g transform society through good works, b
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