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HIS2763 Final Exam ReviewTheme 1 National Policies 19571968Lester B PearsonMinister of Foreign Affairs in the StLaurent governmentWon the Nobel Peace Prize for his development of the United Nation Emergency Force that ended the Suez Crisis this is the first instance of peacekeepingIntroduced universal healthcare a pension plan and student loans to CanadaIntroduced the Canadian flag Maple Leaf to the Canadian people won the 1963 election on that promiseNew FlagDief did not want to introduce a new flag Pearson Liberal opposition won the 1963 election on the new flag promiseDief held a filibuster and looked to prolong the discussion upon the topicEventual the House of Commons came to the decision that the flag would be changedMiddle Power PrincipleWar pushed Canada economically and socially as a wellrespected countrySandwiched between the two emerging superpowers USAUSSR led to them taking a middling stanceNot a colonial power yet still looked to aid in UN issues Suez CrisisTheme 2 Quebec the Quiet Revolution and Federalism 19591971Maurice DuplessisThe leader of the Union Nationale Party of Quebec and Premier of Quebec until his death in 1959 A very rightwinged politician that favoured rural areas and looked to advance the agricultural portion of Quebec His government changed the identity of Quebec His time was known as la Grande Noirceure Andre Laurendau believed Duplessis was an obstacle to Quebec nationalism as his reign restricted the province to catch up with the rest of Canada regarding technology He was very anticommunistOpposed all unions as they led to communism opposed point in the Lesage governmentDual Nation ConceptBelief focuses around the idea that Canada was founded by two nations French and English Both Ontario and Quebec should get more constitutional and provincial powers than the other provinces Its an interpretation of the Constitution Act of 1867 that insinuates that Canada was a country founded by the two European countries Great Britain and France It also was a concept built upon the Quebec fear that Canada was growing so fast that Quebec would be left to dryAndre LaurendauQuebec politician and along with David Dunston cochair of the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism Influencing force on Quebec politics with controversial and mentallystimulating opinions Wrote in les devoirs that Duplessis posed a threat to Quebec nationalism due to his insistence on not progressing technologically Believed in the dualnation agreement outlined in the Constitution Act of 1867Realized that the Catholic Church impeded Quebec progression because of the amount of power they hadCoined the phrase Maitres chez nous Masters of our own house which served as a rallying point in electing Jean Lesage of the Liberal party and assisted in encouraging a change in Quebec governmentAlso hinted at believing Quebecs rise in nationalism didnt equal a national union but possibly a national divorce Time is running outThe RomanCatholic Churchs roleAn allpowerful organization that helped in stagnating the Quebec province technologically and sociallySignificantly harmed the education system in Quebec by deformalizing the education system very subjective approach to education
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