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HSS 1100 BSeptember 10 2012th dec 5Wednesday final lecture extra day first midtermall multiple choicesecond midtermhalf multiple choice half short answerfinalhalf multiple choice half short answerparasites found more in tropical climatesdont know as much about viruses but are just as important as bacteriaviruses cannot survive on their on they must infect a host cell and survive off thatbacteria is much more complicated and have a lot of functions but still simple are all bacteria badNo Some are good and provide advantages in laboratory or industrial settingscan we live without bacteriaWe could but very difficult More beneficial that we dont live in a sterile world because of allergies immune system problemsbecause they are not exposed to things early in life normal florathe good guys But not everyone has it for example a new born baby making them very vulnerable to infection the elderly also have a depletion of normal flora also making them very vulnerable transient florashort termsurvive in the body for no more than a few daysbut in some cases some of them will stay in the body and provide a place for bacteria to livewhich are resident floralong term some parts of the body are very sterile brainspinal cord central nervous system blood bone marrow lymphatic systembody parts with the largest amount of bacteria large intestine mouth skin nose normal flora is always harmless as long as they stay where they are supposed to be in the right part of the body If they mix to another part they become a deadly pathogen it is important to wash your hands thoroughly before an operation because if the bacteria on the skin enters an open wound and enters the blood that bacteria can cause infection to the heart muscleconstant struggle between the microbes that want to enter the body and the body who wants to keep these out most of the time the body wins if your healthy most bacteria tend to live in a moist warm and slightly alkaline pH not everybody at any time are equally equipped to fight an infectiondepending on the timing and the healthiness of your immune system will determine if you will get sick or not bakers yeastHIV patient example on how different situations can cause risk to infection very bad news if bacteria can get into the blood stream because it can reach every single organ and every single tissue need to take action to get the bacteria out immediatelyfour easiest way for bacteria to get into bodyingestion break in mechanical barrier
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