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University of Ottawa
Health Sciences

FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCESUNIVERSITY OF OTTAWAMICROBIOLOGYANDIMMUNOLOGYHSS 1100Winter 20122HSS 1100 LECTURE OUTLINESUBJECTGeneral Principles of microbiologyPathogenesis of Infectious DiseasesImmunity to InfectionImmunization VaccinationAntibiotic ResistanceGeneral principles of diagnostic microbiologyGrampositive cocciGramnegative cocciFirst Midterm Exam 20Grampositive bacilliGramnegative bacilliMycobacteriaSpirochetesChlamydia MycoplasmasParasitic InfectionsMycotic Fungal InfectionsSecond Midterm Exam 30General characteristics of virusesRespiratory Viruses3Enteric VirusesViruses causing diarrheaViruses causing exanthemsViruses causing glandular enlargementViruses infecting the CNSAIDS and HIVNosocomial Infection and Hospital Infection ControlCleaning Disinfection and SterilizationFINAL EXAM 50COURSE COORDINATORSDr Franco PagottoPhone 613 9570895Fax 613 9410280Email FrancoPagottohcscgccaDr William YanPhone 613 9488478Fax 613 9488470Email WilliamYanhcscgcca4CONTENTSGeneral principles of microbiology 5Pathogenesis of infectious disease and the immune response 10Immunization vaccinations 22Antibiotic resistance 25General Principles of Diagnostic Microbiology 30Grampositive cocci Staphylococci Streptococci 40Gramnegative cocci Meningococci Gonococci 45Grampositive bacilli 48Gramnegative bacilli 55Mycobacteria 65Spirochetes 69Chlamydiae 74Mycoplasmas 76Mycotic fungalinfections 77Parasites and parasitic infections 81General characteristics of viruses 88Respiratory viruses 91Enteric viruses 95Viruses of diarrhea 98Viruses causing exanthems 101Viruses causing glandular enlargement 108Hepatitis viruses 111Viruses infecting the CNS 115AIDS and HIV 119Nosocomial Hospitalacquired infections 121Cleaning disinfection and sterilization 1285GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF MICROBIOLOGY
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