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University of Ottawa
Health Sciences

Colonization organism has to do something overcome somthingContamination direct deposit of bacteria somewhere Contamination direct deposit of bacteria somewhere Pathogenic able to cause diseaseVirulence degree of diseaseCapsule extra protective layer on cell wall of bacteria WBC have hard time engulfing capsuleExotoxin made inside cell secreted to outside Clinical manifestation depends on where organ goes Endotoxin gram negative have to be there to expose to the body Feel worse early on in antibiotic therapy because of release of endotoxinsGram positive do not have endotoxinInnate already there dont have to think about Born with itMechanical barrier SKIN MOST IMPORTANTComplement set of circulating proteins found in blood Can recognize sugars on outside of cell wall on gram neg or gram pos bac form core MAC Phagocytosis immune cells Humoural immunityAntibodiesT helper 2 activate B cells to make anti bodyCell mediated immunity Turn on cells or teach them to recognizeT helper 1 IgNfirst antibody made pentomer 5 IgA and IgG IgAsecretion IgGplacentaIgE parasite control IgG very low levels in blood so hard to measurePrimary immune response first time you see antigen If antigen is nonself Immune system decides whether or not to make responseLag phase antibodies producedB cells hang around in body
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