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Person 2 person Giardia CryptosporidiumWaterGiardia Cryptosporidium Toxoplasma cat AscarisFoodCyclospora Giardia Cryptosporidium Toxoplasma cat TrichinellaZoonoticCryptosporidium Giardia Toxoplasma catSexualTrichomonas Giardia CryptosporidiumInsect vectorsPlasmodiumBloodorgan TransplantToxoplasma cat PlasmodiumPenetration skinSchistosoma PlasmodiumToxoplasma definitive host is the catCyclospora low infectious dose prolonged diarrheaTrichomonas probably most common sexually transmitted diseaseCryptosporidium watery diarrhea complex life cyclePlasmodium causes Malaria transmitted by mosquito spiking chills and feverSchistosoma swimmers itch penetration of skinGram positive bacilli Spore forming BacillusBacillus anthracis causes anthrax Infection through contact with animal furs or soil Two plasmids px01 codes for three sub units of anthrax exotoxin px02 codes for the capsule capsule is protein based rareBacillus cereus makes enterotoxins that cause problems create heat stable and heat labileSpore forming ClostridiumC difficile exotoxins cause pseudomembranous colitis and diarrheaC botulinum botulism neurotoxin causes bilateral topdown paralysis problems with improperly canned foodC perfringens gangrene problem with soldiersC tetani tetanus opposite of botulism prolonged muscle contraction
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