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ParasitismIntimate and obligatory symbiotic relationship between two organisms of different species Parasite is metabolically and physiologically dependant on hostShort term mosquito or permanent tapeworm Very common way of life 50 of animal species True parasites include protozoans simplest singlecelled helminths worms and arthropods ectoparasites Success of parasites defined in terms ofprevalence in hosts number of host species availablegeographic range number of offspring they make a lot of offspring so their species can survive available routes of transmission more routes of transmissionspreads faster Parasite Transmission depends on water quality sanitation hygiene climate Agriculture practices travelling to hot places in particularfood preparation susceptible populations Giardia lamblia syn G duodenalis G intestinalisHistorySymptomsPrevalenceLife cycleFirst described by Leeuwenhoek Most infections areMost common protozoan infection excystationin 1681asymptomatic carriersof intestinal tract worldwide trophozoites in small intestine Demonstrated to be a trueacute giardiasis diarrhea25 in industrialized world and free living multiplying form pathogen in the early 1900sweight loss abdominal 2030 in developing world endogenousinside host longitudinal binary fissionMost frequently identified discomfort nausea vomiting Prevalence rises through infancy intestinal parasite worldwide Retardation of growth and and childhood and declines inencystation development in young children adolescence related to faecaloral cysts shed with faeces single cellfailure to thriveroute of transmissionthick wall structures so they can survive in the environment untilOther high risk groups include travelers and immunocomprimisedthey find a new host Exogenousoutside the host
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