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Population HealthPopulation totalof people inhabiting any district areaHealth soundness of bodymind freedom of disease toast vitality all definitions contribute to overall pop healthPopulation Health health of pop as measured by health status indicators and as influenced by socialeconomicphysical enviro personal health practices individual capacity coping skills human biology early childhood development health servicesFocuses on interrelated conditionsfactors influencing pop health over life course then identifies variations in patterns of occurrenceapplies this to developimplement policiesactions to improve health of pop flu epidemic sarsApproach to health that aims to improve healthreduce inequities among pops It is Field of study of health determinantsConcept of health measured by outcomesGoal want to be productive3 Possibilities1 Independent variables multiple determinants2 Dependent variables health outcomes3 Both definitionmeasurement of health outcomes roles if determinatesSES Social Economic Status income education has direct correlation to health statushigher SES higher health Public Health Agency of CanadaPop health is unifying force for entire spectrum of health system interventions from preventionpromotion to health care protection diagnosis treatment care It integratesbalances action between themOverall goal is to improve health of CanadiansHealth went from absence of disease to commodity resource healthy pplworkpay taxesModelsHelp organize data guide our actions to improve health3 critical questions What HowWith Whom should we take actionMultiple DimensionsMedical carePublic health interventionsGeneticsAspects of social enviro income education employment culture supportAspects of physical enviro urban design clean air waterAttawapiskatWhos Responsibility is Pop HealthGovernment Policy Makers policies funding Policyguideline so everyone practices same thingIndividual choices self carePopulation come together as communityBirth Right the family community youre born intoMedia responsible to educate peopleWhat is Public HealthProtectsimproves health of communities thru education promotionresearch for prevention of disease injury Works to prevent health problems before they occur helps improve health Functions of Public Health1 Health promotion signs take stairs2 Disease prevention control prevent spread3 Health protection wear helmet4 Surveillance monitor flu clinics helps identify future disease5 Population health assessment City of Ottawa helps immigrants access HSPop VS Public HealthThey are not the same but they work w each other If you have one you need the other public health works towards pop healthTo Improve Pop Health IntegratorsIntegrator entity that works intentionally systematically across various sectors to achieve improvements in health well being for entire pop in specific geographic areaPromote preventionImprove health well beingImprove quality reduce health care costs Determinates of Pop Health for Priority PopPriority Pop groups at risk of socially produced health inequities1 Bring programs support into awareness 2 We need to get rid of barriers language reading produce cultural3 Improve environment garbage cans dog poop4 Improve social economic conditions education prevention Social determinants lead to health promotion policies in school effect kids in adulthood smoking bylaws led ppl to stop smoking Health EquityImplies that ideally everyone could attain their full potentialno one should be disadvantaged from achieving this bc of social position socially determined circumstancesAchievementsSafer healthier foods VaccinationsDecline in deaths Safer workplacesControl of diseaseHealthier moms babies Universal policiesHealthier enviro Acting on social determinates of healthFamily planningBiological Determinates of HealthCategories of Determinates of Health All are unmodifiable you cant change itPolicy makingHealth ServicesSocial FactorsIndividual BehaviorBiologyGenetics Biological Factors that Determine Health1 Endogenous genetic heritage immunity acquired from maternal antibodies2 Exogenous other living things humans interact with microorganismslarger organisms that carry themSome factors affect specific pop more older adults are biologically prone to poorer health due to effects of agingAging is bound to happen doesnt effect health diet exercise work brain Examples of BiologicalGenetic Social Determinates of HealthAge SexHIV statusInherited conditionsCarrying BRCA1 BRCA2 gene increases risk for breastovarian cancerFamily history of heart diseaseRaceCardiovascular Disease CVDDiseases of heartblood vesselsLeading cause of death worldwide but death rates are declining more awareness of causes advances in medical techniques earlybetter diagnostic treatments better EM assistance programs better training in CPRPremature deaths can be prevented through 80 healthy dietary intake regular physical activity avoiding tobacco maintaining weight modifiableOther 20 genetics unmodifiableTypesHeart attacksAtherosclerosis plaque deposits in inner lining of arteriesCoronary heart disease blood flow is reduced due to plaque buildupheart painStroke reduced blood supply to brainHypertension chronic high blood pressureRisks You Can ControlHigh blood pressureObesityBlood fat cholesterol levels DiabetesCigarette smoking Individual response to stressPhysical inactivityRisks You Cannot Control Biological determinates of health
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