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University of Ottawa
Health Sciences

Paradigms of health page1The paradigms of healthReductionism and HolismHealth cant be looked at from one perspective must look at it through the reductionist methodReductionist method entails the breakdown of an entity the human body to its most fundamental parts systemsMacroscopic to microscopic biomedical model of health aka look at organ systems tissues and different cellular levels Neurology immunology endocrinology pathology physiology etcRationale understanding these mechanisms should allow us to heal the body when one or more of these systems deviate from the norm disease or illness of the bodyEvidenced by biotechnology advanced surgical methods pharmaceutical intervention etc Invasive bombards a specific system ex chemotherapy which destroys what it has to but other good cells as well Tertiary health treatment is the cornerstone Deals with symptoms origins of diseaseThe inherent challenge this paradigm potentially disempowers the individual made health distanced from themTheindividual loses the sense of having autonomy control of their body and wellbeingWhy would I change my life style when there are meds Humans rely too much on themDisregard stress management and exercise and good nutrition that could prevent illnesses and harsh outcomesHolism entails the synthesis of the entire entity the human body including the surrounding environment in which it interactsMicroscopic to macroscopic unity Synergy health is created through the harmony of all subsystems including the mindHealthsynergy of mind body and environmentMind isnt as smart as you think in terms of the intelligence of the human body
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