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ObesityIntroduction Since the beginning of modern time heart problems and diseases have been present and have been known to cause deaths in our society Some diseases like cancer viruses and genetic disorders are not easily preventable However others like cardiac disease and diabetes can be prevented with the right diet and exercise Nonetheless diet and exercise is not an easy thing to manage This lack of exercise and improper dieting will result in obesityBefore we talk about obesity we must first define it Obesity is characterized by the accumulation of an excessive amount of fatty or adipose tissue Obesity Canada 2000 Obesity is therefore caused when your caloric intake has exceeded your caloric consumption This imbalance in a diet will force your liver to convert the calories into fatty acids which will be stored in your adipocytesMobilization and Transport of adipose fatty acid 1998This excess amount of adipose tissue can be calculated according to your height and weight ratio to estimate your relative physical health this technique is called the Body Mass Index BMI According to World Health Organization WHO a person is considered obese when his BMI is 30 or more Word Health Organization 2010 The technique is a good indicator to help a person determine his lifestyle Obesity is a serious matter andthe rate of obesity has increased dramatically Obesity has become a pandemic in which children and adults are affected by itThe Canadian institutes of Health research found that half of Canadians are overweight and obese Obesity Research Canada 2007This unhealthy habit has become a trend a 45 increase in obesity was documented between 1981 and 1996 Obesity Research Canada 2007 We defined
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