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HSS1101Definitions of health wellness illness disease and other relevant terms11Summary notes from September 13 Power Point NotesIn the News Proper diet best defence against bad cholesterol study 50 per cent of Canadians are considered to have a high level of LDL bad blood cholesterol Eating less saturated fatfound in meat poultry and high fat dairy productshelps to lower LDL cholesterolBut according to a new Canadian study you need to do more than slash saturated fat to control blood cholesterolPeople whose diets included a combination of certain cholesterollowering foods saw their LDL cholesterol drop considerably more than those who followed a conventional low saturated fat diet In fact the low fat diet had little impact on blood cholesterolHealth professionals have always stressed the importance of diet as the primary way to improve cholesterol levels However the introduction of statin drugscholesterol lowering medication such as Lipitor in the late 1980s highlighted the relative ineffectiveness of standard diet adviceFoods such as oat bran nuts and soy have been shown to lower cholesterol and have also been associated with lower risk of coronary heart disease So too have foods fortified with plant sterols compounds found naturally in nuts vegetable oil whole grains fruits and vegetablescuts LDL cholesterol by 28 percent which is very significant for ANY scientific study and is a reduction similar to first generation statin Adding these foods to your normal diet will help in cholesterol reduction The more vegetarian you are the better the resultsViscous fibre 7 servings a day This type of fibreplentiful in oats oat bran barley and psylliumtraps dietary cholesterol and fat in the digestive tract and speeds their removal from the bodySoy Protein 45 grams a dayNuts 15 servings a dayStudies have consistently found that nuts packed with hearthealthy unsaturated fat help reduce blood cholesterolPage 1 of 17 HSS1101Plant sterols 2 grams a dayCompete with food cholesterol in the gut to be absorbed into the bloodstream As a result they have been shown to reduce the absorption of dietary cholesterol by 50 per cent12Definition HealthHEALTHA state of complete physical mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity WHO 1946The extent to which an individual or a group is able to realize aspirations and satisfy needs and to change or cope with the environment health is a resource for everyday life not the objective of living it is a positive concept emphasizing social and personal resources as well as physical capabilities WHO 1984A sustainable state of equilibrium or harmony between humans and their physical biological and social environments that enables them to coexist indefinitely Last 2007rd3 def is the most accurateHealthhasbeendefinedbydifferentpeopleinmanydifferentwaysMostpeoplereferencetheWorldHealthOrganizationsdefinitionDefinition Explanations1This definition takes into account that being healthy is not about being physically sound without disease but that health involves also an element of mental and emotional well being2This definition goes beyond the first definition by describing health as an asset for living a resource that we need as individuals and as a population to do and obtain the things we want and need in life and to be able to cope with stresses The definition also incorporates a focus on social and personal resources which can be considered a little vague Similar to the first definition there is an emphasis on not only the physical being but the emotional Page 2 of 17
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