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University of Ottawa
Health Sciences

Chapter 13Environmental Health Thinking Globally Acting LocallyOverpopulation2010 world population estimate 69 billion 205092 billion increase competition for earth resourcesNAs consume most energy raw materials per person than any other worldwideDegradation caused by loss of top soil pesticides toxic residues deforestation global warming air pollution and acid rain pollutes the food supply and undermines world health Avoid 25 of all preventable diseases worldwide Waterair pollution4 million deaths children under 5Safe water storage better hygiene cleanersafer fuelsAir PollutionSources Sulfur dioxide yellowishbrown gas product of burning fossil fuel Consequiences heart and lung diseases precursor of acid rain Particulates tiny solid particles or liquid droplets suspended in the air product of cigarette combustion engine Consequences irritate lungs and carry heavy metals and cancercausing agents Carbon monoxide gas originates primarily from motor vehicle emissions conseguences interferes with bloods ability to carry and absorb oxygen impaired thinking slows reflexes drowsiness unconsciousness and death Nitrogen dioxide ambercoloured gas emitted by coalpowered electrical utility boilers and motor vehicles lungs diseases Ozone a form of oxygen irritates respiratory mucus membranes causing coughing and choking Many health risks Lead metal pollutant motor vehicles birth defects affects circulatory reproductive and nervous systems Hydrocarbons chemical pollutans in the air
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