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Chapter 12Infectious and Noninfectious Conditions Risks and ResponsibilitiesPathogens diseasecausing agent are found in our environment thus were in constant contact with them Epidemics disease outbreak that affects many people in a community or region at the same time such as Black Death or burbonic plague had whipped out whole groups of peopleVirulent strong enough to overcome host resistance and cause diseaseRisk Factors You Cannot Control Heredity some diseases are a result of chromosomal inheritance Aging after 40 we become more vulnerable to chronic disease Environment unsanitary conditions presence of drugs chemicals hazardous pollutants wastes in our water and food have a significant effect on our immune systemRisk Factors You Can Control Dietary intakephysical inactivity Sleeppersonal hygiene Stress Drugs and high risk behavioursThe Pathogens Routes of Invasion Pathogens may enter the body in several ways direct contact between infected persons sex kissing touching or indirect contact touching an object an infected person touched People can also antinoculate transmission of a pathogen from one part of your body to another themselves Pathogens can also be transmitted by airborne contact either inhaling sneezed droplets from someone or breathing airCommon Bacterial Infections Bacteriasinglecelled organism Three major types cocci bacilli spirilla 100 cause diseases They produce toxinspoisonous substances Staphylococcal most common form Found normally in our skin only cause infection when there is a break in the skin Streptococcal bacteria that can cause strep throat severe sore throat or scarlet fever
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