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HSS 1101Midterm Review Reductionism and HolismReductionist method entails the breakdown of an entity the human body to its most fundamental parts systems Macro to microscopic Neurology pathology physiology etcUnderstanding these mechanisms should allow us to heal the body when one of these deviate from the norm Holism entails the synthesis of the entire entity the human body including the surrounding environment in which it interacts Microscopic to macroscopicThe path to optimum health and well being is achieved through BOTH paradigms Chapter 1Health The dynamic everchanging process of trying to achieve ones individual potential in each of the interrelated dimensions physical social mental occupational emotional environmental and spiritualPhysical Health include physical characteristics such as body size shape sensory acuity susceptibility to disease etcSocial Health capacity for satisfying interpersonal relationships interacting with others and adapting to various social situationsMental Health ability to think clearly reason objectively analyze critically and use brain power effectivelyOccupational Health satisfaction a person gets from his or her career of stage of career developmentEmotional Health the feeling component of health and ability to express emotionsEnvironmental Health appreciation of external environment and how you can improve it Spiritual Health your deepest innermost part of you Wellness achieving a high level in each dimension of healthMortality rates indicate people are living longer Morbidity rates indicate fewer people suffer from infectious disease Primary prevention actions designed to stop health problems before they startSecondary prevention intervention early in the development of a health problem to reduce symptoms or to halt its progression Tertiary prevention treatment or rehabilitation efforts aimed at limiting the effects of a disease Behaviors to help lengthen lifeget a good nights sleepmaintain healthy eating habits and weightparticipate regularly in physical activitiesbrush and floss teeth regularlypractice safer sexavoid tobacco products limit intake of alcoholkeep up with regular self exams and medical check upsBehaviors to improve quality of life control stressmaintain meaningful relationshipsmake time for yourselfparticipate in at least one fun activity each dayrespect the environment and people in itconsider alternatives when making decisions value each day and making the best opportunities view mistakes as opportunities to learn and growunderstand the health care system and use it wiselyChapter 11Cardiovascular Disease CVDLeading cause of death in Canada3rd leading cause of premature death under age 75Death rates from CVD are declining due to medical advances and educational programsa class of diseases of the heart and blood vesselsArteriosclerosisNarrowing of hardening of arteries Atherosclerosis fatty substances in lining of arteryPlaque may block blood flowAffected by fluctuations in blood pressure cholesterol and triglycerides cigarette smoking caffeine stress Angina PectorisIschemiablocked at least 75Coronary Heart Disease aka Coronary Artery Diseasea major disease of the cardiovascular system result of atherosclerotic plaque accumulation Myocardial infractiondeath of the heart heart attackCoronary thrombosisclot
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