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InterviewingintheHealthCareContextPART1 THE HELPING OR THERAPEUTIC INTERVIEWThe Helping interviewImportance of first impressions and establishing trustProvides direction for care and counselling Dynamic processestablish an atmosphere for the client to discuss various personalpsychosocial factors client to discuss various personalpsychosocial factorsA successful interview is highly dependent on thehelpers beliefs attitudes and the timing and phrasing of questionsConvey a nonjudgmental and nonblaming attitudeClientCentered InterviewCollaborative partnershipConsideration of sociodemographic factors and health literacyPromotes shared decisionmakingClient is an expert on their health and daily lifeClient storytelling can provide greater insight into their personal problems needs and history problems needs and historyHealth care provider should ask more clarifying questions and offer reflections and information Sensitive to number and kinds of questions askedResults in greater trust commitment compliance empowerment and satisfaction
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