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HSS 2305Sept 18 2013Chapter 10Lecture 6The Nature of the Gene and the GenomeGenome the collective body of genetic information that is present in a speciesoContains all of the genes required to build a particular organism101 The concept of a gene as a Unit of InheritanceGregor Mendelbegan science of genetics in 1860s mated pea plantso7 definable traits ex plant height and flower colourConclusionsoGenes govern the characteristics of organisms by distinct factorsunits of inheritanceoAlleles alternate forms of a geneoEach reproductive cellgamete produced by a plant contained only 1 copy of a gene for each trait either recessive or dominate trait but not bothoMendels law of segregationseparated at the formation of gametesoMendels law of independent assortmentsegregation of the pair of alleles for one trait had no effect on the segregation of alleles for another trait102 Chromosomes the physical carriers of the genesThe discovery of chromosomesWalther Flemmingearly 1880s saw that cytoplasmic contents were shuttled into one daughter cell or the other as a matter of chance depending where the furrow was formedChromosomes material of nucleus organized into visible threads German biologist Theodore Boveristudy on sea urchin eggs that had be fertilized by two sperm instead of onesto1 evidence of a qualitative difference among chromosomesGerman biologist August Weismann proposed that meiosis included a reduction division during which the chromosome number was reduced by half prior to formation of the gametesChromosomes as the carriers of genetic informationSpermatogoniathe cells that give rise to spermWalter Suttonpaper that pointed to chromosomes as the physical carriers of Medels genetic factorsHomologous chromosomes paired chromosomes of diploid cells each carrying one of the two copies of the genetic material carried by that chromosomeThe chromosome as a linkage groupLinkage group groups of genes that reside on the same chromosome causing nonindependent segregation of traits controlled by these genesoGenes on the same chromosome should act as if they are linked to one another part of the same linkage groupGenetic analysis in Drosophila Thomas Hunt MorganFruit flies FFs have a generation time eggmature adult of day days that can produce 1000 egsOnly wild types of fruit flies available at firstFound a mutant with white eyes
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