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APA2120- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 15 pages long!)

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Human Kinetics
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Tony Carlsen

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[APA2120] Comprehensive Fall guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at The Disembodied Lady! 6th sense/ hidden sense = proprioception • •Named by Sherrington in the 1890’s • Proprioception = how we feel our bodies as our own, it is the ‘eyes’ of the body •This is an unconcious feedback • The sense of the body is given by: vision, balance organs (vestibular system) & proprioception •In healthy/normal humans these 3 all work together •When one fails, the others compensate (seen in the case of Christina) • Therefore, new compensatory forms of feedback will develop • Christina was the first person to have severe sensory neuronopathies (polyneuritis?) (she lost her sense of proprioception) •She lost her ability to move/use her body = she sufffers body-image disturbances •Slowly, her proprioception is replaced by an equally unconcious feedback by vision (visual automatism) • Therefore her movements were now controlled by vision, not feel • Today there are other people who are diagnosed with severe sensory neuronopathies •Cause: overconsumption in diet of vitamin B6/ pyridoxine, health faddists • This type can be treated if they stop poisoning themselves with pyridoxine ! Red Light, Green Light! • Reaction time = simplest & most basic voluntary motor response • Rxn time has been the most popular scientific method used to study effects of uncertainty on motor behaviour What influences the duration of reaction time: • 1. The amount of information that needs to be processed (i.e uncertainty) •Hick’s law: Amount of time needed to process info (i.e rxn time) is directly related to amount of info to be processed •We respond the quickest and most reliably to signals that are the simplest (ex: traffic lights) find more resources at
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