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AIntervention Target or Target Group appendix The office workplace is one domain in which the importance of physical activity seems to be largely ignored yet it has the potential to be one of the most influential forms of physical activity intervention The target group for this workplace intervention is adults aged 2055 working in an office setting at least 40 hours per week The target working population will consist of those working in the financial district of downtown Ottawa because the companies have a similar working environment Approximately 80 percent of Canadian jobs are classified as sedentary WorkWeekly Hours Worked 2012citation therefore the intervention will represent primarily workplaces with sedentary environments The working population being addressed is of relatively high socioeconomic standing and the majority having a family Office jobs have become increasingly sedentary in nature nature employers often do not provide opportunities or initiatives which encourage physical activity The social environment of the workplace is solely allocated to emails and meetings there is no social aspect of the workplace involving physical activity We aim to promote the social aspect of physical activity in a working office environment and increase the level of physical activity in employeesBMain Barrier and IssueMost adults in industrialized countries such as Canada do not meet physical activity guidelines since Canadians spend a significant amount of time in the office workplace interventions are needed to increase physical activity in employees The sedentary nature of the office workplace environment in downtown Ottawa has become a substantial contributor to the decrease in physical activity of working adults The majority of office jobs cause employees to be sedentary for up to 80 hours per dayApproximately 80 percent of Canadian jobs are sedentary and do not
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