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I really hate this darn machine I wish that they would sell itIt wont do what I want it to but only what I tell itThe Programmers LamentITI 1120Itdti t Cti IIntroduction to Computing IClass NotesWinter 2013D InkpencontributorsG Arbez D Amyot S Boyd M Eid A Felty R Holte W Li S Som A WilliamsNot to be used or reproduced without permission of the authors1Table of ContentsSection1Introduction3Section2IntroductiontoJava46Section 3 Algorithms and Translating them to Java90Section4TracingandDebugging116Section5Branching134Section6LoopsandArrays159Section7ProgramStructure207Section8Recursion234Section9Matrices269Section10IntroductiontoObjects293Section11ObjectorientedDesign32321If you dont think carefully you might believe that programmingis just typing statements in a programming languageW Cunningham WikiWiki inventor Section 1 IntroductionSection 1 IntroductionObjectives Software developmentSoftware developmentSpecifications and algorithmsVariables and expressions3Historical note Charles Babbage British mathematician and engineer designed and built in 1833 g parts of a machinethat contained modern components such as central processing unit memory and a data input device with punch cards John von Neumann Hungarian mathematician participated in the mathematician participated in the development of the first computer ENIAC1945The principle of the Von Neumann architecture the data and the programs are encoded in the 4memory2Software DevelopmentThis course is about solving problems using computer softwareReallife software can include tens of millions of lines ofditb jtf li f d ilifprogram code or it can be just a few lines of code in a lifecritical systemSoftware design teams can range from a single person to over a thousand peopleSoftware can live for decades examplethe SABRE airline reservation system is over 50 years old and must be maintained to be successfulT d fl f i di To produce successful software a systematic and rigorous development process is neededSoftware engineeringThe process of designing software that functions correctly and producing the software on time and within a budget5Software Life Cycle1Requirements analysisWhat problem are you trying to solveWhat are the needs of the usersWhat are the needs of the usersWhat resources are availableEquipment time cost peopleDevelop a plan 2DesignProposal for the solution of the problem within the constraints of the requirementsModel the software systemModel the software systemStructure of the software architectureOrganization of data3Algorithm developmentDetermine the steps required to solve particular problems or subproblems63
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