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University of Ottawa
Robert Truswell

40 Semantics 40 PragmaticsLinguistics 1310 Final Exam Review April1112414 PM20 SyntaxConstituent Tests not 100 reliable grammatically replace some string ABC with apronoun ABC must be a constituentone so do soMove a constituent to the front of the sentence Replace it with the appropriate whphrase who what where why how when which X etcMake minor adjustments add do when necessary etcDoes does so does it etc are proVPsHe she it are proNPsThere and then are proPPsTree diagramsno two branches can cross nest not overlapNNNPNV did so Defining termsN if you can make it plif it can be in the frame theisare beautifulexceptions nothing zero yesterdayAdj if it can be erest more most doesnt always workcan appear inthe mouse existsDeterminers the a somemany no every Complementizers that forwhether if Prepositions in on afterduring athwartV if it can be PT Projection Principle syntactic structure must reflect the selectional requirements of the lexical items it containsFor example the verb strangle apart from the subject has an obligatory argument its object whichmust appear in the sentence The following subcatergorization frame for the verb strangle specifies itsproperties the underlined gap for the location of the verb is followed by the noun phrase NPstrangle VerbNP
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