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University of Ottawa

Cree Language IntroductionQuick FactsIndigenous language in Canadahandful of speakers in USA120000 estimated speakersMost spoken indigenous language in CanadaRepresents 10 of overall Aboriginal population in Canada60 Aboriginal languages still spoken in Canada Cree has most speakers compared to themSpoken in Quebec to Alberta to the NWT and down to Montana and North DakotaOne of the languages with the biggest geographical rangeCree belongs to the Algonquian familyLinguistic Family TerminologyMembers of linguistic family related to each otherArranged into family trees everything organized by matriarchal linesRelated members are called sisters they can look similar or notEx French sistersSpanish Italian and surprisingly RussianCommon originmother languageOrphan languages have not known mother or sister isolates Three in CanadaProto languagesif enough sister languages an exhaustive comparative study can be done and reconstruct the mother hypothetically reconstructed mother languageMother of Algonquian family is called proto AlgonquianCrees SistersAbenakiNaskapi800 speakers in QuebecLabrador borderInnu12000 speakers in Quebec and NewfoundlandOjibweAmishnabemowin42000 speakers in Quebec Ontario Manitoba USA and Michigan major oneMikmaqMicmac8000 speakers in Quebec New Brunswick Nova Scotia PEI and MaineBlackfoot7000 speakers in Alberta and MontanaMaliseetPassam aquoddy500 speakers in Quebec New Brunswick and MaineMunseeDelawareOntario no known speakers maybe less than 10Arapaho1000 speakers in WyomingCheyenne2500 speakers in Oklahoma and MontanaAtsinaGros VentreLess than 10 speakers in MontanaKickapoo1100 speakers in Southern USA and MexicoMenomineeless than 40 speakers in WisconsinPotawatomiless than 40 speakers in Michigan Wisconsin Kansas OklahomaMeskwakiFoxSaukless than 200 speakers in IowaShawnee100 speakers in OklahomaExtinct Sistersindicates dead languageMohican means wolfPowhatanMichif mix of French and Cree so hard to designate into Algonquian familysome Ojibwe
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