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Study Guides for LIN 2358 at University of Ottawa (UOTTAWA)

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LIN 2358 Study Guide - Final Guide: Ear Canal, Inner Ear, Conductive Hearing Loss

OC42383528 Page
Spasmodic dysphonia: a permanent voice disorder of a neurogenic nature, can occur to people in their thirties. Adduction type: spasms in vocal folds; i
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UOTTAWALIN 2358agathe RheaumeWinter

LIN2358 Midterm: Communication Disdorders- Midterm Notes

OC42383521 Page
De nitions: communication disorders can impair the either receive or send, process or comprehend verbal, nonverbal and graphic information. Scientists/
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UOTTAWALIN 2358agathe RheaumeWinter

[LIN2358] - Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam (18 pages long!)

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