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Termeh Kousha

Exam review-in class MAT1300 Office hours: th Monday 17  3:45-5:15 Wednesday 19  3:45 -5:15 Overview - Precalculus - Limits, continuity, exponential - Derivatives o Chain rule, Quotient rule, Product rule, Exponential function e , ln f(x), a , f(x) log f(x), - Applications of derivatives o Increases, decreases o Concavity o Sketch a graph o Asymptotes - Optimization - Exponential growth/ decay Optimization Final 2011 R(x) = P * x C(x) = C0+ cost per board x t ; C 0 initial cost P (x) = R(x) – C(x) [See page 8 for question and solution]  2011 finalsol.pdf] Q5  Test 2 2011 (not the box optimization) Q3  2009 Fall Final Exponential Growth/Decay P(t)= P e kt  Exp growth: k>0, decay: k<0 o Q3 (Test 2, Fall 2012)  MCQ Final 2011 3 = 2 x+1 2 x ln 3 = (x+1) ln 2 2x ln3 = xln2 + ln2 Then just find x: F(x) = 1/ sq rt (3x + 3) ; x=2 Find the tangent of f(x) F(2) = 1/ sq rt (9) = 1/3 (2, 1/3) F’(x) = Sub in 2 in f’(x) to find b, sub in x=2 and the y-coordinate to find the equation of the tangent Integration (One of two topics to cover 70% of the exam): - Basic Integration o Initial value Proble
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