MED 1201 Study Guide - Pattern Recognition Receptor, Antigen-Presenting Cell, Mhc Class I

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The main goal of the immune system distinguish self from non-self! This does not mean it can distinguish good from bad! What is good or bad for the body is subjective to us. The body can only differentiate what is from our own body from what is foreign. This is an essential topic in understanding autoimmunity and transplants. A transplanted bone marrow may be good for the body, but the body does not know this it only recognizes it as foreign. In autoimmunity, the body fails to recognize itself. The immune system recognizes foreign pathogens through antigens (from. Antibody generation. these are usually proteins that the body can recognize as foreign. Note that usually, when we say something recognizes antigen it actually means it recognizes a part of a protein, not the whole part. When the body recognizes something as foreign, it destroys!

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