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[MUS1301] - Final Exam Guide - Everything you need to know! (33 pages long)

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Genvieve Bazinet

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uOttawa MUS1301 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE find more resources at MUS1301 Intro What is music? The rational organization of sounds and silences passing through time. Sound Created by sound waves (the vibrations that reflect slight differences in air pressure) Speed of the vibration determines whether pitches are low or high Listening to music: 1870s: phonograph with metal cylinders 1930s: tape recorders 1960s: Cassette tapeeight track 1990s: CDs 1990s: Mp3 and M4A files Classical vs. Popular music Classical High art or learned music Timeless qualities Mostly instrumental Performed by higher classnobility (prestige) Precise notation written down very carefully and performed exactly the same way each time Acoustic instruments Lengthy and varied mood (different movements) Abstract sound patters Popular Appeals to a large population Contemporary issues of todays life Emphasizes vocal music Electrically amplified instruments Short and conveys a single mood Emphasis on beat Classical music genres Opera houses and theatres Opera find more resources at
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