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MUS 1301 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Jacques Moderne, Sarabande, Dotted Note

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MUS 1301
Genevieve Boucher
Study Guide

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Key Terms
Mezzo-soprano: female vocal range between alto and soprano
Baritone (voice): male voice part of middle range, between tenor and bass
Overtone: extremely faint sound, in addition to the fundamental sound of an instrument,
caused by fractional vibrations of a string or air column within a pipe
Symphony Orchestra: large instrumental ensemble that plays symphonies, overtures,
concertos, etc.
Tremolo: musical tremor produced on a string instrument by repeating the same pitch with
quick up-and-down strokes of the bow
Texture: the density and disposition of the musical lines that make up a musical composition
(monophonic, homophonic, polyphonic)
Form: purposeful organization of the artist’s materials; in music, the general shape of a
composition as perceived by the listener
Statement: presentation of important musical idea
Strophic form: music is repeated anew for each successive stanza; form used in setting a
strophic or stanzaic text
Rondo Form: classical form with at least three statements of the refrain (A) and at least two
contrasting sections (at least B and C); placement of refrain creates symmetrical patterns such
Musical style: general surface sound produced by the interaction of the elements of music:
melody, rhythm, harmony, colour, texture, and form
Medieval instruments:
o Pipe organ: principal instrument of the monastery and cathedral
! Ancient musical instrument constructed mainly of pipes and keys
! The player depresses a key, which allows air to rush into or over a pipe, thereby
producing sound
! Stop: knob (or key) on a pipe organ that, when pulled (or pushed), allows a
particular group of pipes to sound, thereby creating a distinctive tone colour
o Haut
loud instruments; often used for dance music
! Sackbut: trombone ancestor
! Shawm: oboe ancestor (double-reed woodwind)
! Cornetto: clarinet and trumpet hybrid sound (woodwind)
o Bas: soft instruments
! Flute (recorder)
! Fiddle (vielle): ancestor of the violin
! Harp: plucked string instrument with triangular shape
! Lute:
six-string instrument, pear-shaped soundbox (ancestor of the guitar)
o Renaissance belief that people have the capacity to create many things good and
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