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Condensed Music in the Movies NotesProfessor MerkleyFall 2013Nov 11 LOTR D Peter Jackson C Howard Shore1Water Scene orchestra associated with real world vocal melody without orchestra in dream fishing in pond scene underwater motive derived from ring 2The Return of the Kingmotivedesire motive in Tristan music stops murder3Riding Horses Scene fellowship motive 3 notes acting as a fragment like older Howard Shore turning one way and another is often his method for writing underscore shift to major and minor4Riding Horses in Dessert Scene5Woman in Forest Scene Arwen associated with high notes male falsetto simple melody like in beautiful dream6Reforge Sword Scene recounts how she saw the myth parallellike scene in The Red Violin music transports message Brass instruments heroic without music tedious scene for Gandalf riding up spiral Cinematography whoosh over mountains music excited to light torch then expansive feeling opens heart 7Fight Scene escalating choir toned down music to hear sound effectsmix8Scene Riding to Town on Horses Rohan motive character turned to dissonantminor shifts in midphrase9Tying Horses Scene anxiety leaving armyDo you not know switches to soft loves him goes a bit major10Riding with OrlandoLegolas chords go no where in particular broken up brass 11Pyre Scene you fool scene melancholia and dying triads 12Kingship Scene motive comes out of fellowship motive Positive branch and negative branch the ring and the fellowship Nov 18 Science Fiction Epic brass percussion triplets D David Lean C Maurice JarreGerard Schurmann 1Lawrence of Arabia Lawrence a british officer changed from another titleThe two composers did not get along as Jarre was a percussionist Schurmann from orchestral classical background Jarre as an incomplete musician Schurmann wrote orchestration to what Jarre wrote Jarre only did one theme Jarre to Schurmann to orchestra collaborationATitle Cue Scene starts with percussion dissonant and then strings with triplet theme is complete and repetitive dissonant chord singable melodyOpening Credits Scene one theme out of other Englished by Schurmann juxtaposes BPalestine Dessert Scene percussion representing the heat sun motive held shimmering like heat Cwaves ululation 2Star Wars 5 C John Williams
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