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PAP 2300 Study Guide - Final Guide: Policy, Merit System

Public Administration
Course Code
PAP 2300
Frank Ohemeng
Study Guide

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Section A: short descriptive essay
You get a concept for example code of ethics
Supposed to write a mini essay hence you need an introduction and conclusion, define the concept
Talk about why it is important, problems and short conclusion, don’t have to give examples but can give
6 concepts & chose 3 of them each concept worth 20 marks
Section A: 4 pages MAX for each concept double spaced
What you provide is what gives you the marks can decide to write a page, provide as much information
Objective and subjective responsibilities
Crown corporations or state owned enterprises
The 4 different types of policies
The merit principle and the merit system
Central agencies in Canada (5)
Codes of ethics in Public sector
The differences between human resources management and personnel administration
Define what a policy is then identify the four (gives you marks before you explain them)
Explain advantages and disadvantages and criticism
Section B: four essay questions
No limit on the number of pages you want to write but double spaced
Have four essay questions have to write 2 each question is worth 2 marks
Each question worth 20 marks as well
1. Define the concepts, public policy and policy cycle identify and explain the various stages in
the policy making discussed in class illustrate your answer with examples (as you explain
them you give examples)
2. What is a department what are the main functions of a department illustrate your answer
with examples as you explain you bring examples
3. Explain what is meant by public sector accountability, identify and explain the four main
types of accountability. Identify and explain the 5 principles of effective accountability in
the Canadian public sector
4. What is conflict of interests identify and explain the various categories of conflict of interest
that can be found in the public sectors illustrate your answer with examples
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