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PHI 1101 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Cirque Du Soleil

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PHI 1101
Mark Brown
Study Guide

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Write what is implicit.. the premise or the conclusion, and then write what the implicit premise or
conclusion is.
1. Toby is quite certainly the person who robbed the bank yesterday. He does, after all, drive a late
model red Corvette.
Implicit premise
-The person who robbed the bank drives a red corvette.
2. Anyone who craves political power cannot be trusted to serve the public interest, and the mayor
craves political power.
Implicit conclusion.
-The mayor cannot be trusted to serve the public interest.
3. John has a typical Canadian diet. Therefore, his fat intake is probably excessively high.
Implicit premise.
-the typical Canadian diet has excessively high fat intake.
4. Jena is a highly motivated runner, so she is sure to finish the race.
Implicit premise.
-a highly motivated runner is sure to finish the race.
5. Golf is a difficult game to play well, but it is not a sport. It does not require foot speed, stamina, or
quick reflexes.
Implicit premise.
-sports require foot speed, stamina and quick reflexes.
Present the following arguments in a standard form and provide a diagram for each. You may
want to keep in mind that you may have to reformulate some claims, that explanations may
occur, and that noise or redundancies may arise in some arguments.
1- All humans are mortal, and Jane is human. Therefore, Jane is mortal.
Standard form:
1. All humans are mortal. Diagram:
2. Jane is a human. 1------------2
3. Jane is mortal
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