PHI 2396 Study Guide - Final Guide: Adult Stem Cell, Fetus, Ocata Therapeutics

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What is bioethics: a type of applied ethics. It argues that no matter how much logic or reasoning (based on knowledge) you use, you can never settle a disagreement on what is right. In other words, we think we are right because it feels right. It assumes that because everyone acts a certain way, it must be the right way. But there is also a cultural aspect, which is the filter that helps you feel one way or another. For example: pro-choice or pro-life, religious versus non-religious: yet other people believe that right or wrong, good or bad etc are objective in nature. This is the so-called ethical objectivism, example killing is wrong in any circumstance. Is the position that right and wrong are objective phenomena, that is, phenomena that are recognized by everyone. So, when we make ethical claims, we make claims about how the world really is.